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“Vision is determined to a large degree by our expectations. We don’t see a naked world, we see a visual world which has been created by experience, memory and language. When COVID started I found myself going for long walks in nature. On one of these walks I came upon a lone yellow flower and stopped to admire its beauty. When I turned away I could see purple dots in front of my eyes, dots in the same shape of the flower, but the opposite colour. They seemed real even though I knew they weren’t; the image was just an illusion. The experience made me wonder about colour: what are colours and more importantly, where are they? When I see the colour red is it inside my head or out? Scientists agree that humans began to see blue as a colour only when they started to make blue pigment. For the longest time, blue as a word or a concept didn’t exist. How and what we see is easily manipulated. The introduction of new concepts and ideas can dismantle the lines of conventional perception. How did the sky look before we knew of the colour blue? How will the world look after COVID?”

Scip Barnhart

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"When the world collapsed in a welter of greed, violence, and stupidity, we had to learn new ways to be. The lockdown looms. Longer days ahead, stifled by an oppressive tropical climate. We feel it stirring now, an awakening from isolation; an air of action. There is a new physicality to survival in 2020 — speed and ef iciency are of the essence, leavened by the responsibility to terraform our landscape into a more habitable terrain. In a new world where there is room only for the essential, what do we take with us? And what do we hope to find along the way? "




"The only beaded jewels I made in 2020. I’ve made so many beaded work in the last 5 years, I have decided to take a little break to expand my practice to more jewels and different mediums altogether. These two were a joy to make during the lockdown. I will get back to making more beaded work in the near future but for now please enjoy these in the flower garden."


Carlotta Orlando

The interesting thing that I like to emphasize when talking about GiglioTigrato is the uniqueness of the hand made design and the push for sustainability through upcycling vintage clothing and shapeshifting it to your liking. It is still a small project, because putting together work and university can be complicated. However I have loads of projects in my head and so many collaborations in the making such as Solferino Milano and Ultrachic. GiglioTigrato tries to make clothing into art pieces, communication mediums and expressions of themselves, a mix of creativity and consciousness on the environmental impact that we have on our planet. Gigliotigrato says stop to: wasting and the mass production of clothes that last less than a season and instead it tries to bring to life old pieces to extend their beauty to forever.

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"My costume collections are an extension of my performance practice, and in a sense, it is me passing on my pain and victim to someone else. The pieces embody the inner mental torture which becomes manifested in my creations, ,,,, and celebrate the blurring of definitions for 'sexy' or 'beautiful';; instead, creating new definitions and giving people the chance to express their sexuality how THEY feel sexy." 


Costume Collection by SOL @s0l_05 

Creative Direction, Filming, Styling by SOL @s0l_05  

Photography by // Verity Smiley-Jones @veritysmileyjones 

Assistant // Harry Godfrey @dirrtyharryx

BTS Photography by // EL Hogg @worldwidedisgrace 

Makeup by // Alice Dodds @alicedoddsmakeup 

Hair by // Storm St.Claire @stormstclaire

Music for film by IMITHE @joesweetie 

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