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"Wasser (german for water), is a short experimental film by designer Lauren Frauenschuh and filmmaker Kaspar Kamu.


The film absorbs the viewer into a trance-like state with its elaborate soundscape and poem by Mexican poet Rebeca Leal Singer that blurs the lines between time, space and memory. Through movement, the film explores the relationship between identity and place, and the tension between the urban experience and the forces of nature. 

“Water - A colourless, transparent, odourless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms.

Water forms the basis of life.”

Written by Elizabeth Aisher Crespi.

Today the film takes on a new meaning through the lens of isolation. The fierce necessity to express oneself, the inner contemplation, the desire to be free. We have entered a place in which time is both a blessing and a curse."


Directors: Lauren Frauenschuh, Kaspar Kamu

Assitant Director: Elizabeth Aisher Crespi

Producer: Lauren Frauenschuh

Director of Photography: Kaspar Kamu

Camera Assistant: Jared Watson

Edited by: Tycho Bahr

Colorist: Mar Sachs

Starring: Josefina Muñoz, Ana Puente

Poem by: Rebeca Leal Singer

Composer: Henry Kenälä

Sound Design & Mastering: Viktor Storm Gullichsen

Styling: Alexa Pedulla

Production Assistant: Kazuhiro Imafuku

Scan and Process: Focus Film AB, Stockholm

Camera Rental: Du-all Camera, NYC

Garments made by: Elshu

AnnaLena Krause 


“Vision is determined to a large degree by our expectations. We don’t see a naked world, we see a visual world which has been created by experience, memory and language. When COVID started I found myself going for long walks in nature. On one of these walks I came upon a lone yellow flower and stopped to admire its beauty. When I turned away I could see purple dots in front of my eyes, dots in the same shape of the flower, but the opposite colour. They seemed real even though I knew they weren’t; the image was just an illusion. The experience made me wonder about colour: what are colours and more importantly, where are they? When I see the colour red is it inside my head or out? Scientists agree that humans began to see blue as a colour only when they started to make blue pigment. For the longest time, blue as a word or a concept didn’t exist. How and what we see is easily manipulated. The introduction of new concepts and ideas can dismantle the lines of conventional perception. How did the sky look before we knew of the colour blue? How will the world look after COVID?”


Maria Josè Nebreda

Alessia Moison

"This is my track "Pan de Dios" and its music video. Its my second piece released under my project as a music producer / artist.  In the pandemic a baby was born and it was my beat making abilities. It is my passion.

The track is a bop hope you like it!"

alessia moison 2

"This past fall was my first experience with remote education. I have AD/HD so I thought it would actually be a good way to transition back after my leave but it was way more difficult than I had anticipated. Motivation, organization, focus felt impossible for a while. It got better but having a creative outlet really helped. It was my first photography class, which I took because I am not good with a camera and didn’t really connect with the medium. That’s what made it so great though: thinking I’d have to drop out at first because I couldn’t figure out how to make pictures on manual and learning that “shooting” and “capturing” were too violent so now I say that I make pictures (like Dawoud Bey). Anytime I got a little better was a real win."

alessia moison 3
alessia moison

Scip Barnhart

scip 6

"My work is representational narrative that has made its way out of my stream of consciousness and onto paper through drawing and printmaking. It is based loosely on a mantra of ‘baseball, women and art, although not always in that order’..."

scip 9
scip again

Portia Sarris

portia 6

 "For my submission, I have selected several extracts from my personal diary, words and phrases I have written in isolation. The main medium I tend to work with is photography, however, that process has slowed down due to corona, and can take over a month for me to get my film developed! I have been trying to read a lot, and really trying to exercise my mind with words as I feel the past few years I have devoted my brain to visual images. I guess this time is a gift to explore something I would not normally. Articulating how I feel has always been an interesting and experimental relationship for me. My words are not strong, hence why I feel more comfortable in communicating in the visual world. These entries are extremely personal, and it makes me nervous to share them as they are so direct, as opposed to work that usually is more suggestive and open to interpretation. It is an internal battle of pushing myself and refraining myself from being artistically vulnerable."

portia 4
portia 2

Meletious Meletiou


 "In my drawings, the paper is a space at my disposal. The metaphoric space tends to reduce slowly as the symbols are drawn with the pen"


Andrea Brocca

Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 11.04.22

Growing up in Dubai in a time when homosexuality was illegal and self-expression suppressed, I was castrated into solitary asexuality, and I articulated this theme in my work through the prevalence of ambiguous, genderless bodies that reflect deeply crippling relational anxieties. All of my artworks are created in pen in the moment, depicting an immovable present that is beyond the reach of active change. I want my viewers to walk away with the understanding that we are all stuck but can still dream, and that gracefully revealing vulnerabilities are, if anything, honest, and thus to a degree, a potential source of self-fulfilment."

“I engage in dissecting the genderless and fragmented modern identity through the prism of Renaissance era religious, mythological and sexual symbolism. Born in Dubai, I began an early career in fashion design at age 13 designing for Bottega Veneta, Temperley London, Prabal Gurung and Ellery. After launching my own couture house at age 16, I won the Guinness World Record as Youngest Couturier in the World previously held by Yves Saint Laurent. My work encapsulates the detached voyeurism of art with the participatory element of fashion, covering painting, illustrations, figurative garment constructions and blind single line drawing,with a special focus on depicting the depth and complexity of human psychology through a study of facial expressions in surrealistic settings generated from the subconscious. Although I went through extensive training in couture at La Chambre

Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and Central Saint Martins, as an artist I am self-taught. Using symbolism which represents the prevailing story lines in my life.

Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 11.04.11
Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 11.06.05
Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 11.04.50
Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 11.05.09
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