A large-format limited-edition, 
hand-made custom collection of art,
made in Italy.

Our Mission



"A space for solidarity"

We believe that art and innovation should stand as a reflection of our own time: a medium to expose ideas in a more straightforward manner.

For ISSUE N.0 our main aim was to bring together a collective of creatives and innovators to complete a puzzle of our new reality. 

Our open call to creatives addressed the objective to: “imagine, tell stories and prepare the ground for a culture-driven revival of the world during and after these unprecedented times”. 

We received more than 200 international artworks which together create a visual diary of

groundbreaking art, writing, innovations

and creations.


The Artefact

All printed issues are all uniquely

numbered and limited editions,

printed on 100% recycled paper.


As a way of re-purposing and giving a

new life to fashion’s wasted materials,

all of our covers are hand stitched

and uniquely embellished with

up-cycled fabrics from an Italian

high fashion company.


The printed version will also have an

interactive aspect, which will be

explored through the use of 

QR codes.

Covers hand-stitched by Giglio Tigrato. 

Printed & assembled by Grafiche Milani.



Email issuenumber0@gmail.com to purchase a copy


Our Mission

Editorial Freedom is essential for NO ISSUE.

We aim to maintain our issues Ad-free and curate and produce each issue independently based on the chosen theme at the time.

The theme of our issues will vary given each issue, creating a cycle of ongoing narratives and reflections on current global events and dialogues.


We will aim to publish only one issue per year, with a bigger ambition in the future to invite and host our featured creatives and thinkers to share their narratives and inform our audiences on their practice in our native country, Italy.